3DEXPERIENCE Interviews:
A Sneak Peek Inside Our Home & Lifestyle and Industrial Equipment 2021x Release

10. 8月 2020

3DEXPERIENCE Interviews:
A Sneak Peek Inside Our Home & Lifestyle and Industrial Equipment 2021x Release

Q: The 2021x release of our solutions for the Home and Lifestyle and Industrial Equipment industries brings new features and functionality. What was the main vision for this release?

Role Portfolio Manager: In the simplest sense, our goal was to make people’s lives better, using the power of the cloud. Our offerings on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform provide opportunities for collaboration and creativity that would not be possible in a standalone app, or even in certain software suites.

As of 2021x, we have pre-bundled specific use cases and workflows, so our consumers will have an easier time putting our solutions to work for them. We offer processes that work across industries, so whether someone is in the Industrial Equipment, Home and Lifestyle, or any other industry, we have a workflow that is suited to them.

Interactive Product Experience. Part of the Home & Lifestyle Industry offerings

Q: Can you tell us a bit about how the 2021x release can directly benefit the Home and Lifestyle/Industrial Equipment industries?

RPM: In the Home and Lifestyle industry, we have 3 specific Industry Process Experiences, which all focus on allowing our consumers to get the most out of their investment. They are: Marketing Model Preparation, Product Media Creation and Interactive Product Experience.

We won’t get too deep into all the individual features for each, but some of the main benefits are: that marketing campaigns can be prepared well before a physical product is finalized, data continuity between Engineering, Marketing and Sales can provide a level of brand synergy that avoids costly reworking of marketing campaigns when changes are required, and interactive demonstration capabilities allow brands to reach their audience like never before.

For the Industrial Equipment Industry, we wanted to make it easier to leverage the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to build product correct digital assets, while safeguarding intellectual property. The Industry Process Experiences are: Marketing Asset Creation and Product Experience Creation.

If designers, artists, engineers or Marketers are utilizing the 3DEXPERIENCE platform in conjunction with another CGI pipeline, we’ve ensured that content can be efficiently fed from one workflow to the other, saving incredible amounts of time and resources. We also make sure that CAD data in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is always connected and up to date, whether that data is used in animation, simulation or configuration processes. Lastly, interactive demonstration functionality allows for the compelling presentation of a product’s value, while it is still in development.

Marketing Asset Creation. Part of the Industrial Equipment Industry offerings

Q: What new features in 2021x are you most excited about, and why?

RPM: For the Home and Lifestyle industry, it’s the Marketing Model Creator and the Marketing Production Artist software. Let me be clear, we love all our products, but these hold a special place for us. The Marketing Model Creator is where engineering product data, or 3DEXPERIENCE Twin, is enriched, optimized and made ready for interactive experiences and marketing assets.

The Marketing Production Artist is where the creation of photorealistic marketing assets come into play. We always love seeing the look on our consumer’s faces, when we tell them that the environment and product in an image is CGI. They are just blown away by the realistic quality they can achieve with our software.

For Industrial Equipment, it would be the ability to create interactive, real-time experiences. These are what really draw people in. Consumers don’t see all the work that happens on the back end, but the interactive experiences, that can be created on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, are what bring everything together, and really make the product shine.

Q: What is a feature more people should be taking advantage of?

RPM: I know we go on and on about it, but the 3DEXPERIENCE platform offers so much value and possibility, it’s almost staggering. We’ll try to narrow it down for you. In terms of a complete workflow, our offerings fulfill most needs need an artist, designer or marketer might have. From marketing to product communication, and issue, task and lifestyle management, you can really do it all, without leaving the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. 3DStory is one of our more recent developments that can do so much for product presentations. It’s so simple, and yet so flexible. We’d recommend everyone try it for themselves.

Marketing Model Preparation. Part of the Home & Lifestyle Industry

Q: What advice would you give someone in the Home and Lifestyle/Industrial Equipment industry who has never used our software before?

RPM: Everyone benefits from integrated systems and workflows. We want everyone to see for themselves how the 3DEXPERIENCE platform seamlessly connects engineering and marketing to enable companies to create compelling customer-facing content in less time, and at a fraction of the cost. We have a great public community that shares more about our portfolio.

A deeper dive into our offerings would tell you that our consumers can increase their revenue through higher perceived value and by enabling accelerated digital sales through content they can create for their websites and social media. We try to make life easier for consumers by lessening the cost of producing content through automation and data re-use. We enable partners and agencies to drive growth through meaningful marketing content creation with our software. Customer needs can be met more quickly, and time can be saved on production costs, updates and a lot more. We could talk for days (laughs).

Product Experience Creation. Part of the Industrial Equipment Industry offerings

Q: How does the 2021x release differ from the 2020x release? Is there any particular functionality that we did not have access to before?

RPM: In addition to improving our software and services, one of the main things we tried to do with this release, is to take all the capabilities we offer through the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, and distill that into tangible “jobs to be done”, so our consumers can more easily identify which solutions will work best for them.

We have launched a role called 3D Render with our xStudio app. We couldn’t be more thrilled about it. It’s a browser-based application, so it works on any device, anywhere in the world, all while benefiting from the same high-end security and data protection we’re known for.

Q: For those who are following our releases, is there anything we can tease about the future?

RPM: We certainly have big plans and ideas, and we can’t wait to share more with you soon. What we can say, is that we will be boosting asset creation repeatability and automation, doubling down on these features that make it easier for our consumers to market their products. We are investing even more heavily in the cloud, to better serve our customers on a global scale.

Q: Thanks so much for taking the time to meet with me today!

RPM: Thanks for virtually stopping by!

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