OPEL Mokka Sparks Excitement
on Social with Augmented Reality

22. février 2021

OPEL Mokka Sparks Excitement
on Social with Augmented Reality

WebGL has opened another gateway (a big one) – Social Media. Opel and their agency, McCann Velocity, tasked 3DEXCITE to deliver an interactive Mokka@Home AR Experience. This app allows users to view the new Opel Mokka while adhering to social distancing, aka from the safety of their own home.

We answered the call with Spark AR, the free AR authoring tool from Facebook. With it, we produced a variety of smartphone-targeted filters for use on either Facebook or Instagram. Most applications of this technology focus on mapping 3D objects or 2D planes onto faces, hands and eyes (think furry ears or shades).

Snapchat democratized this, and the rest of the world is adopting the approach. Since the filters needed to work across the mobile device landscape, the planar tracking was standardized. With a little magic and some tinkering, we achieved excellent results for the masses. The focus here is on social media engagement, fun-factor and immediacy. Targeting Instagram meant that a maximum file size of 4Mb and a polycount of ~50k needed to be adhered to, or the filter would get rejected.

In the end, the team achieved the best-looking vehicle on Spark AR (according to some VIP stakeholders). We see the interactive trendline increasing in this new business landscape for marketing and product display on social media – and moving away from static images or videos to more dynamic content – reaching a potential audience of one billion people.

To put Opel’s Mokka AR filter into the spotlight, the brand has partnered with Richard Hammond. The TV star recently shared his excitement about Opel design and quality in a review of his 1963 Kadett.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Richard Hammond’s Oliver

In this video, he also dares to take a look at the new Opel Mokka through Augmented Reality and states:

“It’s pretty sharp-looking, you can put the car where you want. That’s clever. This has to be played with, this has potential. »


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