Bring us your CAD

Bring us your CAD

Adapt & react quickly

The world has changed, and so has the opportunity. How is your business responding to the immediate need for digital transformation?

We’ve all seen the trending shift in Marketing over the last decade. Traditional content creation and outbound marketing tactics are all but obsolete. Most early adopters have implemented digital strategies to automate and streamline their efforts in phases.

The luxury of time has evaporated overnight. Businesses must be online, connected, and working in realtime – across time-zones. They must be where their consumers are and engaging in meaningful exchange with them. Connecting tech-stacks is expensive, complicated, and can impact the bottom-line if not done correctly. Relying on versioning, emails, and random communication channels isn’t an efficient or secure approach. So, what can you do?

We’re offering two companies the opportunity to pilot a significant digital transformation over the next few months. Partnering with us means access to a secure, business collaboration and content production pipeline to supercharge your Marketing, Pre-Sales, Sales, Post-Sales, and Customer Journey.


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We provide

  • Dedicated Dashboards
  • Marketing Opportunity Assessment
  • Services Support
  • Digital Marketing Package

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Bring us your CAD!

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So, what do you get?

  • Access to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform (for the duration of the project)- including a dedicated business collaboration dashboard for content exchange, communication, social listening, content production, and more
  • A services support team that will demonstrate, and educate your team on platform use, benefits, and tips
  • A Marketing Opportunity Assessment – we’ll evaluate your business today, and provide you with a comprehensive report of where you can drive efficiency, speed, and savings to ensure your efforts are effective
  • A digital marketing package featuring your product (*products must be CAD designed) that you can deploy through multiple channels

We have a few requirements. If the answer is YES for any of the following questions, please fill out the form to the right, and we’ll assess your entry.

  • Does your company manufacture a product for the High Tech, Industrial Equipment, or Home & Lifestyle Industries?
  • Is that product designed/engineered in CAD?
  • Are you ready to become the HERO in your organization?

A 3DEXCITE expert will evaluate all entries and determine the ideal candidates to receive this transformational opportunity. What are you waiting for?! BRING US YOUR CAD.