Digital Imagery

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Digital Imagery

World-class support from day one.

Our legacy is built on a reputation for unsurpassed, high-end visualization and while we’ve moved far beyond being a content studio, it’s our passion and remains a cornerstone of the brand. Award-winning work is our specialty and we output millions of digital image assets for the world’s leading product manufacturers on a yearly basis.

The work is the starting point for total digital transformation. The flexibility of the content has infinite possibilities and the fidelity is undeniable. From images to full brochures, our intelligent data handling enables fast and flexible adaptation of materials for your campaigns or personalized brochures.

We specialize in highly stylized or photorealistic imagery that makes products shine in full CG or real environments.


  • Extremely flexible compared to traditional photography
  • Superior creative control
  • Explore products in more detail with our advanced render engines
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Press Imagery

CAD data is more than just data. Transform it with 3DEXCITE to make a statement and stand out with imagery that demands a second look and tells a deeper story.

Making content for a press release is inherently different than the content required for a big, splashy campaign. Captivating the imagination of the viewer is foremost, conveying the right mood or perspective is magic. Compositions can be full CG, or a mix of photography and digital for total flexibility and relevant contextualization.

Regardless of the product or location, images can be created to take the viewer to Mars, shift their rational perspective and to achieve anything the press release requires.


  • Accelerated Production Process
  • Natural looking Imagery
  • Cost Saving
  • Improved efficiency
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Technical Imagery

Exploring a product in all its technical glory, system componentry and design nuance is unmatched with our technical still images.

If it exists in the data, it can be represented visually.

Section drawings and technical visualizations reveal the occluded parts of products that, with CGI rendering, can be showcased, highlighted or blown apart. Showing the inner workings of a product advances educational pursuits, training and marketing materials. These images serve a purpose beyond form and function, they’re also creative, beautiful and realistic.


  • Highlight technical details
  • More flexiblilty than traditional photography
  • Easier image revision
  • Unlimited marketing potential
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Concept Visualization

Concept visualization is a playground for a truly talented CG artist.  They are the experts who take any idea from concept to reality. They nurture, consult, brainstorm, and explore product iterations to idealized perfection.

Whether the need is for engaging product demos, immersive experiences, impactful marketing campaigns, or even focus group tests, concept visualization takes an idea across the finish line.

Let 3DEXCITE be the partner to bring your ideas to life.


  • Rapid CG Iteration
  • Leverage Top Tier Digital Talent
  • From Idea to Realized Concept
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Creative Consulting

Creativity is our DNA. We revel in cool concepts, crazy ideas and making the impossible an absolute.

Bending the rules is easy in CG Image production, but blasting the boundaries is where the fun comes in.  For print, online or anything in between, 3DEXCITE packs a creative arsenal that is second-to-none. Need a storyboard, image retouching, final beauty renders or consultation on any project? We offer a passion for aesthetics and an ambition for perfection, push creative boundaries to the max, and win awards for clients.

We speak the language of creativity – let’s go.


  • Rapid CG Iteration
  • Leverage Top Tier Digital Talent
  • From Idea to Realized Concept