VW UP! – Virtual Reality Experiences


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VW UP! - Virtual Reality Experiences

When VW sought to pull off a groundbreaking launch for the latest version of their youth-oriented vehicle, the VW UP!, their creative agency asked 3DEXCITE to deliver a cutting edge VR experience that immersed guests in the vehicle’s young, hip vibe.3DEXCITE took VW’s request and ran with it, creating a shockingly lifelike VR experience that allowed guests to interact with the car via the HTC Vive, and customize its interior and exterior to their liking.Like a loud and proud rock band, the UP! experience then embarked on a 7 city tour, dubbed the Pop UP! City Tour. The tour was planned in cooperation with a prominent music brand, and introduced the UP! to guests throughout Germany in bold, new and exciting ways, just as VW intended.The VR experience featured three styles of music and three environments. Each environment featured a different style of music, which further immersed guests in a vivid, new reality.