Virtual tools for real sales. 3DEXCITE Sales Solutions

3DEXCITE Sales Solutions provide you with the marketing tools you need for a breathtaking product experience – whether at the point of sale or on the road. Wow your customers with revolutionary, interactive multichannel worlds. 3DEXCITE’s game-changing 3D visualization opens up whole new avenues, particularly for virtual sales samples, personalized customer communication, product interaction and even employee training, on site, at events or online. Also, our integrated approach makes intelligent use of key data created in earlier stages of the product development process. This significantly reduces the sales cycle, supporting customers in their decisions from try to buy.

Experience 3DEXCITE Solutions along the whole value chain:

Visual Web Configurator

Showcase your complete product range, presenting all possible combinations of variants, materials, colors and accessories in highest visual quality and interactivity. Additional information, such as pricing or performance characteristics, can also be generated in real-time based on the individual configuration. 

Visual POS Configurator

Introduce interactive product promotion to your dealership. Using state-of-the-art authoring and visualization technologies, the entire product range with seemingly endless customization options is put right at the users’ fingertips, allowing them to configure their dream product in high-end 3D and in real-time.

Visual Content2Go

Visual Content2Go is an innovative and scalable approach to centralizing and distributing content to enable a connected and compelling customer journey. Personal configurations from Web Configurator or POS Configurator can be taken home, accessed and changed by the consumer anywhere and anytime or shared with friends via email or social media.

Visual Interactive Training

Train your staff using desktop-based or full scale interactive, real-time learning sessions in interactive 3D. Our approach significantly reduces the necessity of setup and operation of physical, special training mock-ups and delivers a lifelike learning experience in a safe environment.