Get to know us

Get to know 3DEXCITE

We embrace the fact that business is changing and transformation never stops. We dedicate every moment to navigating the digital horizon and are obsessed with defining the future, today. Who do you think we are? We’re more than just software. We are the disruptors, rebels, techies, geeks, artists, futurists, digital fanatics, visual provocateurs, marketing mavericks, strategists, consultants, business partners, revolutionaries, anarchists & platform pioneers. As social creatures, we live for engagement, feedback, sharing, collaboration and networking. We thrive on diversity. We are Europe, Asia and the Americas. The sun never sets at 3DEXCITE. We are always ON and always CONNECTED – with our feet firmly planted in the CLOUD.

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  • 15 offices worldwide
  • 750+ employees
  • Internal events, extra-curricular activities, goodies and more

What drives us

Our values - tree background

Striving for excellence in everything we do

3DEXCITE works to achieve more for our clients by harnessing advanced technology, leveraging expert resources and inspiring award-winning work that makes headlines on a global scale. We take a consultative approach to everything we do. Our client’s objectives are our objectives. Doing business is one thing; becoming a lasting partner for success is everything.

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Bring the community together

Collaboration is at the heart of our success. Multifunctional teams work together to realize an extraordinary vision that results in innovative software, amazing experiences, and scalable solutions for our clients. As innovators, we build business ecosystems to bring buyers and sellers together; on-premise & on-cloud. Our main objectives are: being transparent, accountable and dedicated to harnessing seamless progress and agile thinking.

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Work Hard, & Have Fun

Mix it up with exciting challenges and engaging colleagues. We pride ourselves on team spirit, rich culture and good times; all wrapped in a diverse environment. Join one of our sports teams, support a company event, and learn new skills by collaborating with different departments. There’s always an opportunity to join a cause, join a team, share a moment and make a difference.

Challenge the ‘Status Quo’

Our reputation as trailblazers in the Marketing technology space resonates from Tokyo to NYC. 3DEXCITE’s digital dreamers are constantly inventing business solutions that shape the way intrepid, brands rise above the chatter and make an impact. We don’t do normal, we don’t think small. We are outrageous, loud and daring. The work is bold and the results are bolder.

Passion to Learn

Our standards are second-to-none when it comes to the expert talent we hire. 3DEXCITE employs the world’s best artists and specialized professionals who share a common passion for shattering boundaries and creating magic. While we know a lot, we always want to know more. We foster comprehensive training and career development to build strong individuals that make stronger teams.

Educated Partnerships

University co-ops are designed to establish long-lasting relationships with international schools and universities. 3DEXCITE understands the importance of investing in future staff, innovation and technology. We value long-term relationships with universities specializing in CGI, digital marketing, immersive experience design, AR, VR, MR & visualization software. Today’s students are tomorrow’s users, champions and experts. Contact us
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Hello. Bonjour. Guten Tag. Ciao!

With over 750 employees at 15 offices worldwide, we have first class creative and technical gurus shaping the product marketing landscape and partnering with agencies to leverage innovative solutions for their end-clients across industries. Our colleagues represent more than 50 different nationalities in total. The conversation is always interesting and the engagement is always rich. We’d like to take a moment and say HELLO.

Meet Team 3DEXCITE

The proof is in the pudding. Don’t just take our word for it, get it straight from the source. Dive into a collection of videos highlighting global team-members from different departments and disciplines who candidly share their stories. Catch a glimpse of ‘a-day-in-the-life’ to discover what brought them here. Peek into their passion and learn a bit about what makes them ‘tick’.