End-to-end visual collaboration on the go

Whether working from a desktop computer or tablet, in-the-office or on-the-go; the mobile collaboration platform XPLORE is the answer. Present remotely from a tablet to local teams or across time-zones. Never sacrifice fidelity to present high-quality content from anywhere. Foster informed decisions, effective reviews and ensure complete data security.

Inspire creative teamwork by including every stakeholder in the review process with one tool for efficient communication. Because XPLORE is so easy to use with intuitive navigation and is accessible by any major browser, it’s perfect – even for first time users. Search and share functionality are optimized for real time reviewing of 2D assets and 3D models alike.

XPLORE connects to 3DEXCITE PICTUREBOOK – the visual asset management platform that increases productivity and offers full transparency for visual data – from sketches, themes, concepts and CAD files to high-end 3D visualizations. Creative freedom is the purpose, collaboration is the goal.

Key Features:

  • Flexible asset sharing across any major browser and device
  • Access anytime, from anywhere
  • 3D models reviews in real time
  • Enhanced feedback through detailed reviews
  • Simultaneous global collaboration and presentations

Integrated metadata and tags management

Metadata and tags management are now integrated in new Smart Upload user interface. Asset upload in XPLORE PICTUREBOOK works as in standard PICTUREBOOK client, making it possible during the upload of any file to select and enter metadata information and add TAGs directly in the upload window.

New criteria and logics for asset search


Search criteria and logics have been enhanced adding for example the possibility to search for special characters and assets related to a specific time range. Search based on TAGs can now be combined with logic AND/OR.

MP4 video playback

For a more convenient asset usability, MP4 video files uploaded in PICTUREBOOK can be watched directly in the user interface of XPLORE PICTUREBOOK

Asset detail management

Asset details are now more similar to PICTUREBOOK standard client to enable reading and editing of all asset information and for example change such values as asset rating.