Display, share and discuss 3D data.

Present your 3D visualizations at any time and place, without compromising quality. DELTAVIEW assists artists and marketers to secure key stakeholder buy-in by presenting their 3D scenes in a streamlined, focused environment. The heavy lifting of creating model animations and variants has already taken place in DELTAGEN, and they can now be presented in real-time, with DELTAVIEW.

Once a scene is loaded in DELTAVIEW, users can move swiftly around it with the camera to explore different angles, test variants and take full advantage of the flexibility afforded by a 3D workflow. If an animation needs to be retooled or redesigned, this can be disclosed while presenting in DELTAVIEW, and corrected within DELTAGEN, to maximize the synergies of our streamlined and efficient software portfolio.

DELTAVIEW requires minimal hardware specs, and can even run on a laptop, with the same outstanding visual fidelity found in DELTAGEN.

Key Features:

  • Access 3D scenes from anywhere, anytime
  • Efficient cross-departmental 3D viewing
  • View, present and interactively compare models
  • Export images, movies and 3D stereo assets

DELTAVIEW Plug-In Modules

Enhance the DELTAVIEW functionality with highly specialized modules for your individual use case.

ANALYZER makes it simple to conduct and produce quick, intuitive, exact geometry analysis and to survey measurements and sections. Determine and visualize all the crucial information necessary to clearly and comprehensively present designs.

This optional measurement module for DELTAGEN can be used to ascertain distances between points or the actual geometry of objects. Users can also create sections through every desired layer and compare models. Forget about time consuming measurement protocols – ANALYZER provides a comprehensive and secure view of all the required information.

The compromise is over: Now, render complex scenes at high-speed with superb quality. SCALE lets the computer control computing units in other workstations (thru a network) to divide rendering jobs into packages and allocate them to all the available units. Optimal resources are available for each task so large data volumes can be processed without having to make compromises in terms of quality.

The standard scaling module for DELTAGEN supports up to (2) GPUs and (2) CPUs. This capability can be extended to as many as required in order to support ‘freedom of choice’ with regards to the presentation medium or hardware. Select from individual monitors up-to-and-including, powerwalls. Scale provides breathtaking results, great efficiency and outstanding use of hardware resources.

XPLORE makes secure content sharing quick and intuitive, enhancing the data-handling experience. Preview, upload and download assets with unprecedented ease and enjoy fast and responsive browsing even for high data volumes. Once selected, watch your assets come to life in large previews via on-demand loading.

Filter, search, and create collections. Content shared through HTML links can be accessed by any major browser. XPLORE supports a wide range of file formats from documents, slide presentations, and stills to image sequences and 3D models.