World Water Day 2021
Take a Peek Behind the Scenes

19. March 2021

World Water Day 2021
Take a Peek Behind the Scenes

What does World Water Day mean to you? To us, it means protecting and respecting the earth’s precious water supply. It also means celebrating the beauty of the ocean scape and an opportunity to experiment with the latest features of our physically based rendering technology.  

Harmonizing Product, Nature and Life

As part of the Dassault Systèmes global family, 3DEXCITE prides itself on persuasive and attractive digital content, which extends and enhances the value of complex physical products in the real world. We genuinely enjoy the opportunity to flex our expertise in 3D visualization on topics that go beyond our day-to-day business and explore how technology is shaping our reality.

The advent of 3D visualization and digital prototyping within the manufacturing domain has impacted sustainability in many ways. Gone are the days of creating, testing and shipping physical prototypes, doing complex location photoshoots, flying people and goods around the world just to co-locate ideas or show a product to a customer. Modeling, simulation and visualization technologies are reducing the carbon footprint of business. We are contributing to these improvements with DSPBR material technology backed by the STELLAR render engine. DSPBR stands for Dassault Systèmes Physically Based Renderer. It is an easy-to-use, renderer-independent, PBR material model for a large variety of industry use-cases, ranging from high-performance VR applications to high-quality GI renderings. Simply put, it helps describe the way real things really look.

To celebrate our oceans’ profound beauty, a group of artists working around the world on the technology set up a render contest, which they called the “World of Water.”

The community leader distributed one data model set and a UV map to the artists and asked them to create their own interpretations.

The assets consist of meshes with existing UVs.
A water plane with displaced noise serves as the water's surface.

We're pleased to share some of the results with you here:

Winning image created/rendered by Tobias Lindner

Tobias Lindner, Senior Service Manager and winner of our World of Water contest, shared a few insights on how he created such a stunning image:

It was fun to play around with the new translucency properties of DSPBR and the light tracer to create caustics. The upgrade in DELTAGEN 2021x that supports several cameras was also a big help. I created “fake” fog by using Depth of Field and a backplate image and by tuning materials to be less saturated the further away they are. I created and applied DSPBR materials, using textures from, and

More Great Work from the 3DEXCITE DSPBR Artists

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