• Gabriel Teixeira Vieira:
    Imagining the Future of Design for 2355

    In May 2020, the Nissan Design Latin America Studio shared a post to their Instagram page, announcing a competition for designers and artists in to “Imagine a Cooler Future” in the year 2355. Any type of design creation was allowed, as long as it contained Nissan design language, branding and culture identity. Participants submitted proposals from around the world, all with different styles, characteristics, functions and areas of design.

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  • The Citroën Ami WebGL Experience

    For the Citroën Ami – 100% ëlectric  – a new urban electric vehicle from Citroën – 3DEXCITE was tasked to develop a WebGL experience: Since the car is targeted at young people (in France, it is legal to drive it from age 14), a mobile experience was a must-have, hence the use of native WebGL.

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    Passenger confidence is key to resume Air Travel. But many of them will be asking, “Will I get sick if I fly?” How do airlines convince passengers that taking a plane is safe in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic? Changing perception will take the involvement of every part of the aeronautics industry: aircraft manufacturers, airports, airlines, cabin manufacturers & MROs (maintenance, repair, overhaul).
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  • Metaphors for the real world

    In the mid-1990’s researchers at the University of Texas set out to analyze what people were saying about a new technology called “the Internet”. More →

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