• 3DEXCITE PIONEERS – How we drive our transformation with enablement

    Our society, our economy, and our workplace are in constant states of change. The speed and frequency at which we experience change are ever-increasing. The world population is growing, and traditional time-and-space barriers dissipate, leading to more rapid globalization. More →

  • Stellar Physically Correct
    Shining results based on a strong foundation

    Dassault Systèmes provides businesses and people with 3DEXPERIENCE® universes. Through these universes, sustainable innovations are tangible; our users can harmonize product, nature, and life. One crucial element in this is simulating the appearance of products before production. More →

  • 3DEXPERIENCE Interviews:
    A Sneak Peek Inside Our Home & Lifestyle and Industrial Equipment 2021x Release

    Q: The 2021x release of our solutions for the Home and Lifestyle and Industrial Equipment industries brings new features and functionality. What was the main vision for this release?

    Role Portfolio Manager: In the simplest sense, our goal was to make people’s lives better, using the power of the cloud. Our offerings on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform provide opportunities for collaboration and creativity that would not be possible in a standalone app, or even in certain software suites. More →

  • Gabriel Teixeira Vieira:
    Imagining the Future of Design for 2355

    In May 2020, the Nissan Design Latin America Studio shared a post to their Instagram page, announcing a competition for designers and artists in to “Imagine a Cooler Future” in the year 2355. Any type of design creation was allowed, as long as it contained Nissan design language, branding and culture identity. Participants submitted proposals from around the world, all with different styles, characteristics, functions and areas of design.

    More →

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