The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform is a digital business ecosystem that is revolutionizing the way companies go-to-market, empower their customers and access results immediately. The discipline of marketing is no longer just about ‘pushing’ messages through multi-level campaigns:

It’s about absolute transparency and the ability to predict what a customer needs even before they know they need it. It’s about powerful tools, apps and experiences that complete an end-to-end pipeline to create, launch, track and report on multi-level campaigns. Whether a global enterprise or a specialized boutique, companies realize that personalization is key to driving customer loyalty and creating brand enthusiasts. The platform is an intuitive tool that allows some of the world’s leading brands to maintain a single source of truth – bringing the buyer and the seller closer together.

3DEXCITE provides a space where the product is reflective of true-market demands no matter where it’s being sold or who is purchasing it. Market sustainability is driven by this pioneering approach where the designers, engineers, marketers and business executives can activate simultaneously around a single product –  eliminating costly siloes and redundant processes.

A more intimate and personalized buyer’s journey results in higher interest, longer product interactions and higher sales conversions. This is why our clients depend on 3DEXCITE and the 3DEXPERIENCE software, services and technology as a trusted partner and ecosystem to move business forward.


  • Efficient & automated production pipeline
  • Connectivity to business logics
  • Complex project management
  • Digital, interactive experiences
  • Storytelling

Automated workflows and a content pipeline built for Innovation

Marketing Content Creation

Brand marketers are evolving their campaigns & tactics to better serve consumers in the experience economy. Great products are no longer enough, and consumers expect to be thrilled with compelling, memorable and personalized experiences at every touchpoint along their purchasing journey. Every day, the number of devices, channels and marketing platforms in circulation grows exponentially. This landscape requires brands to communicate more quickly, with greater continuity, and with premium, customizable content.

3DEXCITE provides game-changing solutions for Marketing professionals to optimize their processes, contextualize the end-consumer experiences and package them for distribution.

Build interactive Marketing Experiences by composing data from product, nature & life.

  • Stage experiences using cross brand assets
  • Tune content for a product experience
  • Define product & content behavior and interaction (thru extensions)
  • Use Multi-discipline content (thru extensions)
  • Use UX design for interactive customer experiences (thru extensions)
  • Optimize experience for use-cases & devices
  • Publish in 3DSpace for playback in 3DPlay
  • Batch run and rerun packaging through PLM Batch

Produce precise, high quality content in high resolution using precise visualization technology.

  • Access superior material appearance and render quality in global illumination mode
  • Achieve accurate product perception by using precise visualization rendering technology to provide physically correct rendering results
  • Use batch processing to create automated rendering e.g. for high-resolution image production scenarios
  • Achieve enhanced scalability with High Performance Computing (HPC)

Build custom user interfaces to create experiences with optimized runtime performance.

  • Create web-based UI widgets or panels with embedded JavaScript editing
  • Script interactions with user interfaces
  • Communicate with external web services
  • Expose script variables in property panel or for use in Natural Language.
  • Employ VR specific behaviors for teleportation, manipulation and ray picking
  • Leverage VR device access for inputs and outputs
  • VR behavior with JavaScript Extension

Use and animate characters and rigid body physics to create interactive experiences.

  • Implement human behavior scripting, animations and interactions
  • Utilize Rigid body behavior based on damping, restitution & friction
  • Enable gravity, collision detection & external forces
  • Mixed modes for static, dynamic & controlled by physics or interactive & controlled by behavior

Create digital content that fully contextualizes a 3D product in Marketing Experiences & campaigns

  • Utilize and edit a wide range of procedural materials
  • Create and calibrate material appearances for web, VR and print productions
  • Create and shape stickers and logos
  • Design and style human characters and behaviors
  • Create ambiences for marketing experiences using image-based lighting / HDRs
  • Prepare large scale procedural environments with favorite locations
  • Reuse content created in 3rd party software

Optimize, clean and simplify product data on local hardware for Marketing Experiences.

  • Execute data preparation operations to simplify your data and define the appearance for Marketing Experiences
  • Provide parameters to configure and customize the processing operation
  • Leverage a full set of operators provided through the data preparation engine
  • Leverage all CPUs on local hardware to execute efficient data simplification
  • Batch run preparation specifications for different product’s local hardware resources