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How do manufacturers achieve flexibility in production rates while maintaining high quality and employee safety? Can companies successfully deliver mass customization while remaining profitable? Is it possible to accelerate ramp-up speed while integrating a global supply chain?In this unique environment, we dedicate ourselves to addressing these challenges. The 3DEXPERIENCE® Center aligns people and technology on the holistic 3DEXPERIENCE® platform in order to transform ideas and product concepts to real products.

Research and Business Partnership

ZAL – Hamburg’s Center of Applied Aeronautical Research – is an international aviation research network which supports six domains of research including:
Fuel Cell Lab, Cabin Innovation & Technology, Air & Power Systems, Aerospace Production and Fuselage Engineering, Testing, Safety & Acoustics and General Process & Support Topics.

Equipped with a sophisticated research and test infrastructure for selected aspects of aviation, the site empowers the industrialization of new technologies.

Dassault Systèmes brings over 35 years of expertise, a network of partners and a shared global platform to the ZAL. The outcome is a partnership that enforces collaboration between researchers and entrepreneurs at the 3DEXPERIENCE® Center in order to transform ideas into fully functioning, high fidelity models and systems prior to committing actual resources. It provides the transformative strategy to accelerate innovation with the ZAL ecosystem as catalyst.
The 3DEXPERIENCE® Center @ZAL will focus on the following innovation areas:

  1. Digital Continuity from Engineering Design to Shop Floor Actors
  2. Data and interface standardization across the enterprise
  3. Big Data, Analytics and Internet of Experiences
  4. Plan, Automate, Control, Schedule and Capacity Optimization
  5. Virtual Twin loop for real time virtual control and optimization
  6. Suppliers Marketplace, Supply Chain Optimization & Logistic
  7. IT Backbone Security

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ZAL Zentrum für Angewandte Luftfahrtforschung

Hein-Saß-Weg 22
21129 Hamburg

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