3DEXPERIENCE® Center Experiences


HTC-Vive: Passenger Experience & DSVV - Visual Event Experience

Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, the Dassault Systèmes industry solutions Passenger Experience and DSVV – Visual Event Experience provide an end-to-end digital system of communication, distribution and sales and therewith enable manufacturers to present their entire product lines via immersive experiences to their clients.

Existing visual assets from engineering can be used to produce attractive, dynamic content and campaigns targeting specific companies and individuals.

From flight cabin, car interior and entire product configurations through to virtual validation, users are now able to better manage customer expectations, accelerate sales and reduce the number of engineering changes.

Marketing / Visualization with Virtual Reality: 3D Lean - WestRock

Equipped with a HTC Vive (head-mounted display with location sensor hand-device as manipulator) the visitor can walk around the virtual product in an interactive rendered mode (Interactive Virtuality (IR)). This technology is the best way to create a customer experience

  • as an instrument of marketing
  • for design reviews and DMU
  • in service and training.

This enables less iterations with customers to take decisions allowing early validation of the proposal and securing a common understanding so that the sales cycle, costs of sales and the risk of price calculation can be reduced. Issues can be discovered at an early stage and costly engineering changes can be avoided. Operation staff can already be trained on the machine, which shortens the time to operation, after sales and changes. Furthermore the 3D Lean dashboard allows collaboration of teams directly at the shopfloor for all operational management meetings (be it 5 minutes meetings, problem solving meetings, continuous improvement meetings etc.)

Microsoft Hololens: Service and Maintenance Planning – WestRock

End-to-end digital continuity allows manufacturers to ensure service operations are accounted at the earliest design stages and that maintenance instructions are clear, tailored to a customer’s installation and always up to date. The digital “as-running” view helps rationalize maintenance interventions and track every operation performed throughout the equipment’s lifecycle. This level of tailored service delivers predictive maintenance to reduce equipment downtime and boost operating performance, resulting in satisfied customers and an improved efficiency with a design-for-service approach.

The experience provides more insights regarding maintenance personal, actual state of a machine in 3DPlay, SBOM (Service- Bill-of-material) and exchange sequences of a tulip as a maintenance procedure.

By standard, the tasks are done via work instructions, either conducted on a stationary screen, or accessed for example via the APRISO iPad app. As an alternative and glance into the future, Dassault Systèmes presents the use of a Microsoft HoloLens as the ultimate speech-controlled maintenance assistance system, where work instructions are spatially overlaid with reality, for an increase in effectivity and working quality likewise.

zSpace: Living Heart Experience & Additive Manufacturing Experience

The zSpace provides a highly realistic 3D visualization experience that enables scientists, designers and engineers to directly interact in 3D and better understand simulations and assemblies.

Living Heart Experience

The Living Heart Experience for zSpace provides viewers with the opportunity to explore and interact with the Living Heart Human Model in 3D. Coupled with a virtual holographic platform, this experience provides a glimpse into the future of medicine where cardiovascular experts can explore treatment options, educate their patients, or study the efficacy of new medical devices and predict reliability under real-world conditions.

Additive Manufacturing Experience

The Additive Manufacturing Experience for zSpace provides viewers with the opportunity to explore and interact with the Additive Manufacturing process simulation in 3D. Coupled with a virtual-holographic platform, this Experience provides a glimpse into the future of Additive Manufacturing where experts can visualize how Simulation can help to improve the quality of Additive Manufacturing designs and to design parts so they print right the first time, by visualizing residual stress build-ups, part distortions, and material variations that can arise in the process.