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Digital continuity for marketing campaigns across all media channels.

Leverage 3DEXCITE software to create premium marketing content directly from your 3D product data. Activate every channel simultaneously.

Interactive experiences & personalization elevates the entire customer journey.

Consumer expectations have become viable and valuable currency in the Experience economy. Personalization is no longer a perk, it’s a requirement.

Efficient & automated production pipeline simplifies and streamlines complex projects.

3DEXCITE’s advanced data conversion and optimization features make the journey from 3D data, to final output flexible and direct.

The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform is an end-to-end business solution. 3DEXCITE roles and apps promote real-time, high-end visualizations for powerful product experiences, images and animations.

Leveraging source data from engineering and design, 3DEXCITE extends the functionality of the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform to create emotional assets for interactive marketing and sales experiences.

From consulting through workflow to final assets, we transform engineering data into interactive content for mobile, AR, VR, MR, POS, ATL & BTL marketing and for all points in-between. We call it engineered excitement.


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3DEXCITE and the Embedded Consumer


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Today’s marketplace demands constant reinvention of the customer journey.

Consumers no longer interact with brands and obtain information about products in a linear fashion – but can move from one point to another along their journey as they please. Technology moves fast and marketing needs to move faster.

Retail stores are less relevant in the buying process but still have a part to play in delivering a cohesive brand story.

Connecting the online engagement with the physical experience is a strategic tactic that successful brands have mastered. Armed with the ability to express individuality thru personalization, consumers connect to a brand more readily, especially when they can see their preferences reflected everywhere they shop. This has fundamentality shifted the paradigm of browsing, purchasing and sharing. Change the game and establish the new norm.

3DEXCITE provides digital continuity and seamless experiences to connect the brand to the public at every touchpoint, whether it be online, through mobile devices or in-store. The brand story is clear, the product experience is personal, and the entire process produces valuable data that can be leveraged intelligently in future campaigns.

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