User experience of a different kind

Lamborghini Huracán online configurator and game

The web configurator created by 3DEXCITE turns the true-to-detail Lamborghini Huracán 3D model into an entirely new virtual experience. With a series of steps, potential buyers can configure their dream car and access technical details with one click. Users can immediately see a realistic image of their personal model in the configurator, and share it on social platforms. Once configured, the supercar is ready for an online drive. This gaming experience includes realistic vehicle physics, detailed graphics and the original sound of the 10-cylinder car. With this game application, 3DEXCITE sets a new industry standard for gamification. Using attention-grabbing features, potential buyers are introduced to the supercar in an engaging way, thus establishing an emotional connection with the brand.

3DEXCITE has a long presence at the Lamborghini styling center, supporting the design team and jointly developing truly unique, cutting-edge experiences for Lamborghini customers. This includes creating multi-use marketing contents which enhance the client’s brand perception with a customized product experience.

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