Toyota Winglet challenge

Personal transporter gaming experience

Be young, stay cool and zig zag! For the Toyota Megaweb flagship store in Tokyo, 3DEXCITE developed an interactive winglet challenge in order to promote the personal transporter vehicle amongst the 12-30 year-old demographic. Created in collaboration with Hakuhodo, the challenge involves participants on laser-tracked winglets competing for points on a 49m2 pixel pitch LED floor. By employing innovative spatial scanning technology, 3DEXCITE delivers a groundbreaking experience and crowd-engaging mass communication; designed to grab attention, the game boosts adrenaline amongst competing participants, gives friends a reason to cheer, and attracts passers-by with the action on the course.

“There is always a lot happening at Megaweb, so the interactive gaming experience had to really stand out, spreading excitement in a fresh, new way,” said Kenji Tsuiki, Group Manager Corporate Events at Toyota Motor Corporation, adding that “thus far, participant numbers are exceeding expectations and the social media buzz created around the product is proving invaluable.”

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