Behind the Scenes

3DEXCITE - Preview Mazda Concept

Mazda Shinari

The Mazda Shinari concept car is the ultimate expression of the new ‘KODO – soul of motion’ design concept. After winning the pitch against four competitors, 3DEXCITE Japan was commissioned to create a high-gloss movie within a few weeks. Through the clever use of camera perspectives, light-/color grading, sound effects and stylistic devices a film bursting with quality and style was created which meets every one of the client’s requirements to the fullest. The software suite DELTAGEN was here the key to success.

3DEXCITE - Awards
3DEXCITE - Award - Automotive Brand Contest
3DEXCITE - Award - Worldmediafestival
3DEXCITE - Award - World Media Award 2011

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