Visual Event Experience - Incadea 24/7 Shopper

In the artful fusion of retail and technology, 3DEXCITE partnered with Incadea to create a compelling Dealership 4.0 Visual Event Experience to enhance the customer journey and increase sales conversions. The premise is simple: via a large, interactive glass wall, guests are able to customize the interior and exterior of their vehicle, and take their personalized, digital vehicle home on their mobile device for further evaluation. 

Technology is the force that drives this experience and makes it so seamless and intuitive. The interactive glass wall facilitates each guest’s interaction with the vehicle, showcasing smooth animation and stunning CG imagery. Powerful projectors allow guests to change the color of a nearby physical, life-size car instantly, with an enticing CG flourish.

This dealership 4.0 experience was created to revolutionize the linear customer journey and transform it into a more personal, customer-driven engagement. To accomplish this, integrated sharing functionality allows guests to take their configuration with them on their mobile device, to share it with family, friends and other influencers, or to further customize it to their liking.

With personalization at the heart of everything we do, 3DEXCITE strives to advance the customer journey through increasingly immersive and engaging experiences.

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