Concept car, real people

3DEXCITE - Preview Honda Concept S

3DEXCITE Japan is responsible for the full film production

When Honda wanted a film to preview its Concept S car for the Beijing Auto Show, they turned to 3DEXCITE. “What we did was the entire project, storyboard, casting, shooting, music and edit,” says Futoshi Yamauchi, 3DEXCITE’s director. “We merged images from Honda’s CAD data and with footage of humans which we produced in a greenback studio in Shanghai.” Did Honda like it? “They said it’s the most engaging video they have received for a concept car,” says Shinji Santoh, sales manager at 3DEXCITE Japan.

3DEXCITE - Awards
3DEXCITE - Award - Automotive Brand Contest 2012

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