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3DEXCITE presentation amazes 1,800 guests at Dongfeng Nissan X-Trail premiere in China

3DEXCITE has created an augmented reality presentation for the re-launch of the Dongfeng Nissan model X-Trail. Building on the success of the launch presentation of the flagship Nissan Teana, 3DEXCITE has enhanced the experience with exciting new viewing angles of the digitized car, putting a focus on the technical features.

The vehicle was premiered in a 30-minute presentation to 1,800 media attendees by Dongfeng Nissan Vice President Sales & Marketing, Jason Yang. In an adrenaline-fuelled intro, an animation was projected on a big screen, in which the vehicle seemed to drive out of the screen, suddenly dissolving and then re-appearing driving straight onto the stage as a virtual car, while during the presentation individual parts were free floating above the stage. During the orchestrated AR presentation, Yang’s gestures underlined the cars´ features with unseen levels of interaction and detail.

“In 2013, the augmented reality presentation from 3DEXCITE pushed boundaries for brand presentation and the positive response was huge. Their team did an excellent job again this year, creating an extraordinary experience which has outdone even their previous production. As firm believers in the idea of intertwined high-end technology and creativity, we are determined to amaze the world and our customers continuously. We are delighted to have found in 3DEXCITE the perfect sparring partner, who supports us in creating our own brand footprint – forward-looking and distinctive,” explains Jason Yang, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company.

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