Technical innovations

3DEXCITE - Preview Audi A6

Audi A6 showroom film

Effortlessness is the subject of this two-minute CGI film, in which we present the design, features and technical innovations of the Audi A6. The dynamic driving scenes presented against an urban backdrop are punctuated with slow-motion frames. The components of the aluminum hybrid construction float around in exploded views and put the focus on the highlights of the vehicle. At the heart of our visualization is the statement with which Audi positions itself: Vorsprung durch Technik.

3DEXCITE - Awards
3DEXCITE - Award - Worldmedia 2012
3DEXCITE - Award - Worldmedia 2012 Gold
3DEXCITE - Award - IF 2012
3DEXCITE - Award - Autovision 2011
3DEXCITE - Award - Automotive Brand Contest

Making Of

3DEXCITE - Preview Audi A6 Making Of

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