Advanced study of crash test simulations

Honda pioneers use of 3D crash simulation technology with DELTAGEN Real Impact

3DEXCITE enables Honda engineers to quickly produce visually stunning and credible imagery from 3D simulation results with little effort, allowing them to communicate complex structural analysis results in an intuitive way. Thanks to DELTAGEN Real Impact, the team converts and renders LS-DYNA simulation results in photorealistic quality to leverage one common “visual understanding”. This solution tackles large data by using a custom LS-DYNA translator and assemblies in DELTAGEN. Using the system, Honda can rotate the view of the simulation, strip away parts and isolate a component for closer analysis. Additionally, both realtime interaction of simulation states, as well as production of offline movies of the complete crash sequence are possible.

"With this technology, we have gained the potential to improve the quality of decision making and reduce the time required for finalizing a vehicle design by greatly increasing the ease of communicating and understanding the results of a crash test simulation," said Eric DeHoff, Technical Leader for CAE in the Crash Safety Group of Honda R&D Americas, Inc. "This tool will promote a more complete understanding of vehicle safety design amongst all engineers involved in our vehicle development process," he added.

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