GMC Acadia 360° Video

The 2017 GMC Acadia 360 Facebook Video united the creative talents of 3DEXCITE, GMC Social and Facebook to devise a breakthrough launch experience for the all-new 2017 GMC Acadia. After much deliberation, a 360° time-lapse video, that blended CG and live environments, was chosen as the optimal scope for the project. 

3DEXCITE then produced the project by acquiring a live daytime scene and created a CG nighttime scene for the GMC Acadia to live in. When navigating through the video, the viewer is seated inside a photorealistic CG recreation of the GMC Acadia, with full 360° control of their perspective. As the time-lapse progresses, the viewer experiences morning, daytime and evening in a warm, Florida environment, and slowly transitions to nighttime in a snowy lodge scene, complete with Aurora Borealis and animated deer.

Since its release, the video has been viewed over 18 million times on Facebook, and has received wide critical acclaim.

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