Standing out at Geneva

3DEXCITE supports QOROS presentation at Geneva International Motor Show

Orchestrating a high-impact launch for its first production car, QOROS entrusted 3DEXCITE with the creation of sophisticated marketing assets for the QOROS 3 Sedan debut at the Geneva International Motor Show. 3DEXCITE delivered a Web Mobile Car Configurator, a dynamic CGI movie, as well as CGI images for marketing and PR collateral.

As full-service marketing solution providers, our team of strategic marketing consultants, creative designers and technical experts was able to support and consult QOROS Marketing & Sales at all stages of the process - from strategy, through technology and creative concepts, to execution. 3DEXCITE developed and implemented the configurator and movie, which illustrate the vast range of product details and options, and – along with the high-quality CGI photo renderings – help enhance the consumer experience.

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