Full speed ahead!

3DEXCITE - Preview Detroit Diesel

Detroit hits the road with CGI

In order to expand the range of uses for its marketing materials, Detroit (formerly Detroit Diesel), a subdivision of Daimler Trucks North America, entrusted 3DEXCITE with the production of high-end 3D visualizations for its latest generation of heavy-duty engines. Using existing CAD data, 3DEXCITE created high-resolution print images, a 360-degree turntable, and an animated full-HD film, which showcase the most important innovations concerning fuel efficiency, longevity, end emission reduction in a clear and illustrative way.

"The Daimler Truck / 3DEXCITE experience started with the initial development of high quality, computer generated images for Western Star trucks. These trucks were depicted in real-life, working conditions and the project grew to include a multitude of engines, axles, transmissions and drive train components for the Detroit® brand. By virtue of 3DEXCITE's immersion in developing Western Star and Detroit® product images, they have become a key partner in providing creative assets for a variety of communication channels. 3DEXCITE's designers and project management personnel have made working with them a truly, turn-key experience. From conceptualizing ideas, to tenaciously working with various business units to gather key data critical to creating "spot on images", 3DEXCITE made it a point to learn our products and have a clear understanding of the technology behind them. " Greg Gusko - Manager of Marketing Communications

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