Put your designs to the test. 3DEXCITE Development Solutions

3DEXCITE development solutions permit instant and continuous visual and functional analysis, simulation and review of engineering work, and revolutionizing the development process in a growing number of industries. Highly realistic 3D visualizations allow testing of complex situations in realtime. In addition, diverse simulation data enrich the view on the relevant product. Boundaries between reality and virtuality blur while costly and rapidly obsolescent physical prototypes become less essential. Your product’s overall quality benefits from more efficient and flexible processes, leading to massive cost and time savings. And 3DEXCITE ensures integration with upstream and downstream processes as a standard feature.

Experience 3DEXCITE Solutions along the whole value chain:

Visual Ergonomics Experience

Combine industry standard ergonomics analyses with photorealistic rendering in immersive 3D environments. The resulting visualizations allow ergonomics experts not only to process technical analyses, but also to communicate them efficiently with other departments.

Visual HMI Validation

Conveniently validate the positioning, usability and design of your HMI in a true-to-life simulation. Get a real feel for your HMI by embedding it in virtual scenes and performing ergonomic tryouts in a larger spatial context of the product interior. 

Visual CAE Experience

Communicate complex structural analysis results in photorealistic quality to leverage one common “visual understanding” amongst both fellow engineers and non-technical teams. Simulation results can now be experienced in real-time, as well as in offline environments. 

Visual Driving Experience

Experience your product in motion with lifelike driving scenarios before the first physical prototype is built. Physically correct vehicle dynamics help validate the overall design concept and enhance communication between design, engineering, ergonomics and marketing teams. 

Visual Immersive Experience

This solution combines the latest Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies to experience the finished product long before it is built. Using tracking devices, scenes can be controlled with an easy-to-use, immersive user interface, allowing you to visualize designs from every angle for an improved decision-making process.