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Bring your ideas to life. 3DEXCITE Design Solutions

3DEXCITE Design Solutions enable a borderless workflow, allowing you to continuously review the geometry, materials and design throughout the creative process. Dedicated tools and functions give you the freedom to effectively communicate your ideas in realtime, involving consumers and decision-makers from the very start. Virtual drafting of design concepts in 3D and in realtime permits discussions, evaluation and testing to give a highly realistic product experience. This accelerates the design process leading to new, efficient methods that connect departments and stakeholders, getting your product to market faster.

Experience 3DEXCITE Solutions along the whole value chain:

3DEXCITE - Design Solutions - Visual Design

Visual Design Evaluation

Experience efficient definition, development and evaluation of product design with faster exploration and comparison of alternatives in real-time and true-to-life conditions. Products can be evaluated from various angles, in different lighting conditions and environments without the need for physical prototypes. 

3DEXCITE - 3DEXCITE Live! 2015 - Design Evaluation

3DEXCITE solution demo
Accelerating design concepts with Digital Taping

3DEXCITE - Design Solutions - Visual Perceived Quality
3DEXCITE - Design Solutions - Visual Product Clinic
3DEXCITE - 3DEXCITE Live! 2015 - Visual Product Clinic

3DEXCITE solution demo
Evaluate and compare products side by side in lifelike quality.