Accelerate web-based image production

Facilitate campaign and presentation development with web- based image production using a variety of artistic effects and lifelike rendering quality.

Facilitate global decision-making

Take less time to reach key decisions with integrated web meetings or by easily reviewing content online. Connect anywhere with our mobile version.

Powerful asset management for digital content and last generation marketing assets.

Secure, integrated and feature-rich asset management is the cornerstone of any digital workflow, and 3DEXCITE PICTUREBOOK 2018 comes packed with an array of new upgrades. Security is one of the key characteristics, through a flexible and customizable data access, user roles and rights management are allowing to easily manage content access and usage. Seamless integration with 3DEXCITE DELTAGEN makes PICTUREBOOK the ideal software solution for content creation and management. Showcasing powerful asset management together with a wide customization capability is making it the perfect solution for teams and individuals with a diverse range of needs.

Key features:

  • xPDM native workflows
  • Increased security through flexible access rights management
  • Improved DELTAGEN  workflow integration
  • Configurable asset preview generation
  • Improved Render Node capabilities for data conversion

What’s new in PICTUREBOOK 2018:

JPEG or PNG Preview Image Format

Asset previews in PICTUREBOOK can be configured to be the image size and different file format (JPEG or PNG), according to your server settings. High quality asset previews make it easier to identify and organize the content you need and, the support of different visual format it is making more convenient the integration with other visual solutions.

Additional Layer of Security

Increased security provides you with peace of mind during all stages of production. Administrative Accounts can now be restricted to specific folders, ensuring complete control over your sensitive data. A new notification system is also monitoring if this restriction is altered. 


Browser based experience in 3D. PICTUREBOOK Composer

3DEXCITE - Picturebook - Composer. Browser based 3D experience

Any user with a mobile or desktop device can use their standard web browser to access DELTAGEN’s high-end visualization capabilities, to play and interact with a 3D model in real-time with the same performance of a powerful workstation. Marketing assets can be evaluated, created and reviewed all together in one single solution, at the same level of quality normally achievable only with solutions very demanding in terms of hardware and software requirements. A simplified UI offers the users all main functionalities of High End visualization software like DELTAGEN and the experience to play with Variant Manager, Switching Environment, Animation and On-demand Image Creation.

Seamless PDM data access. PICTUREBOOK PDM Connector

3DEXCITE - Picturebook - Connector. Engineering meets Design.

The new PDM Connector allows you to load CAD data via PICTUREBOOK directly from the leading PDM/PLM systems such as CATIA, ENOVIA, Teamcenter® and many more, into DELTAGEN. Additionally, the PDM Connector allows you to extract and load the xPDMXML and PLMXML structure files along with incorporated parts at click of a switchStructural components and geometries can be utilized comfortably and directly in the realtime visualization. Convenient filters enable the dedicated selection of CAD components that are relevant to the VR process, and updates made at the component level are massively accelerated.

Flexible and secure web conferencing. PICTUREBOOK Instant Meeting

3DEXCITE - Picturebook - Instant Meeting. Flexible and secure web conferencing.

With the new optional module Instant Meeting you can conduct browser-based virtual meetings conveniently – without the need for additional conferencing solutions. Present your projects live and securely in 2D and 2.5D from your local server. Your team members can send feedback via instant messaging or enter them directly into the assets as sketches or comments. These features ensure smooth coordination when collaborating worldwide – allowing you to arrive at fast, well-founded decisions and achieve maximum productivity.

Mobile accessibility. XPLORE PICTUREBOOK

3DEXCITE - Picturebook - Xplore. Access Anywhere.

XPLORE PICTUREBOOK brings key capabilities of PICTUREBOOK to mobile devices. Enjoy intuitive handling and interact with 3D models in realtime, even with no previous 3D experience or easily view and download a variety of file formats. Review projects on-the-go, perform asset searches and feedback loops from anywhere.

XPLORE PICTUREBOOK is based on HTML5 and supported on desktop browser and portable devices.