3DEXCITE - Picturebook - Opel Adam - Configurator
3DEXCITE - Picturebook - Opel Adam

Optimize visual data management

Securely manage and share your visual assets across different functions, companies and locations for enhanced process efficiency and overall reliability.

3DEXCITE - Picturebook - Opel Adam - CGI

Accelerate web-based image production

Facilitate campaign and presentation development with web- based image production using a variety of artistic effects and lifelike rendering quality.

3DEXCITE - Picturebook - Online Collaboration

Facilitate global decision-making

Take less time to reach key decisions with integrated web meetings or by easily reviewing content online. Connect anywhere with our mobile version.

Visual assets. Track, compare, review.

PICTUREBOOK, the data management and creative collaboration platform speeds up processes and creates full transparency for visual data – from CAD files to high-end 3D visualizations. While simple for beginners to use, it provides a high level of security and accessibility thanks to platform-independent online access. Manage large volumes of visual data and keep it connected and up to date. Share, compare, discuss, review or approve content online for accelerated feedback loops or connect to 3DEXCITE XPLORE for end-to-end visual collaboration on the go. PICTUREBOOK seamlessly integrates with 3DEXCITE DELTAGEN to guarantee maximum workflow efficiency.

Key features:

  • Intuitive and secure asset management
  • Live comparisons and project tracking
  • Reporting functions
  • Global sharing via replication
  • Central access to visualization libraries
  • Secure data access, roles and rights management

Watch our free PICTUREBOOK webinar

3DEXCITE - Picturebook Webinar - Opel Adam

Visual data management and creative collaboration with PICTUREBOOK

Learn how to securely manage your visual asset across different functions, companies and locations to enhance process efficiency and overall reliability. With PICTUREBOOK, the visual data management and creative collaboration platform, you share, discuss, compare, review and approve content online for accelerated design checks, marketing and content reviews. Web-based, on-demand creation of images facilitates your campaign development and decrease dependency on external service providers.

Target group:


 IT/Process owners, Engineers, Designers,
 Marketers and Agencies
 Thorsten Jansen, Enterprise Data Management Consultant
 Gunnar Falk, Creative Marketing Consultant
 27 mins


Browser based 3D experience. PICTUREBOOK Composer

3DEXCITE - Picturebook - Composer. Browser based 3D experience

The optional module Composer allows global flexibility in creating product images for all varieties of communication measures.
Utilize the 3D realtime model’s entire range of variants and interactivity independent of time, location or hardware. The feature Angle allows you to define the best camera perspectives for your product via Angle Hunting in the earliest design stages. With the web-based production of marketing images, you introduce new creative possibilities into your workflow and improve the way you collaborate with marketing departments and agencies. The rendering power of POWERHOUSE ensures production takes place in realtime.

Seamless PDM data access. PICTUREBOOK PDM Connector

3DEXCITE - Picturebook - Connector. Engineering meets Design.

The new PDM Connector allows you to load CAD data via PICTUREBOOK directly from the leading PDM system, Teamcenter®, into DELTAGEN.
Structural components and geometries can be utilized comfortably and directly in the realtime visualization. Convenient filters enable the dedicated selection of CAD components that are relevant to the VR process, and updates made at the component level are massively accelerated.

Flexible and secure web conferencing. PICTUREBOOK Instant Meeting

3DEXCITE - Picturebook - Instant Meeting. Flexible and secure web conferencing.

With the new optional module Instant Meeting you can conduct browser-based virtual meetings conveniently – without the need for additional conferencing solutions. Present your projects live and securely in 2D and 2.5D from your local server. Your team members can send feedback via instant messaging or enter them directly into the assets as sketches or comments. These features ensure smooth coordination when collaborating worldwide – allowing you to arrive at fast, well-founded decisions and achieve maximum productivity.

Mobile accessibility. XPLORE PICTUREBOOK

3DEXCITE - Picturebook - Xplore. Access Anywhere.

XPLORE PICTUREBOOK brings key capabilities of PICTUREBOOK to mobile devices. Enjoy intuitive handling and interact with 3D models in realtime, even with no previous 3D experience or easily view and download a variety of file formats. Review projects on-the-go, perform asset searches and feedback loops from anywhere.

XPLORE PICTUREBOOK is based on HTML5 and supported on desktop browser and portable devices.