3DEXCITE - Powerhouse - Media production. Online and on demand

Media production. Online and on demand.

Render realtime visualizations online. And make them available on the internet with 3DEXCITE’s realtime server. This innovation lets you flexibly order and scale rendering power to visualize 3D models in your standard web browser. On demand, create images, web content and sequences for movies and animations via the web. POWERHOUSE brings visualization into the cloud – high-end 3D visualization as a service.
POWERHOUSE is part of the same product platform as 3DEXCITE DELTAGEN and 3DEXCITE PICTUREBOOK, guaranteeing a seamless workflow experience.

Key features:

  • Cloud based rendering: visualization as a service
  • Print on demand: server side 3D content production for personalized marketing materials
  • Automated massive media production
  • 3D realtime streaming to access extremely complex product models on mobile devices
  • Renderfarm