3DEXCITE - DELTAVIEW - Display, share and discuss 3D data.

Display, share and discuss 3D data.

Display, share and discuss your 3D visualizations any time and any place – without compromising on quality. DELTAVIEW lets you view, present and interactively compare 3D models generated in 3DEXCITE DELTAGEN on your laptop or on a colleague’s computer. With the same outstanding detail as on your own workplace PC.

Key features:

  • Efficient cross-departmental 3D viewing
  • View, present and interactively compare models
  • Export of images, movies and 3D stereo assets


Virtual measurements & sections. DELTAGEN Analyzer

3DEXCITE - DELTAGEN - Analyzer.Virtual measurements & sections.

Make use of the fascinating possibilities provided by Analyzer in order to carry out and produce quick, intuitive and exact geometry analysis, survey measurements and sections. You can determine and visualize all the important information required for the clear and comprehensible presentation of your designs.

This optional measurement module for DELTAGEN can be used to ascertain distances between points or the geometry of objects, as well as to create sections through all desired layers and compare models. Do away with time consuming measurement protocols – Analyzer provides a comprehensive and secure view of all the required information.

Rapid rendering & scalability. DELTAGEN Scale

3DEXCITE - DELTAGEN - Scale. Rapid rendering & scalability.

No need to compromise any longer: Now you can render complex scenes at high speed with high-end quality. Scale allows your computer to control computing units in other workstations via a network and thus divide rendering jobs into packages and allocate them to all the available units. This allows optimal resources to be provided for each task and large data volumes can be processed without having to make compromises in terms of quality.

The standard scaling module for DELTAGEN supports up to two GPUs and two CPUs and this capability can be extended to as many as required in order to have a free choice of presentation medium – from individual monitors up to powerwalls. Scale provides breathtaking results, great efficiency and outstanding use of your hardware resources.

Intuitive product presentation. XPLORE Deltagen

3DEXCITE - DELTAGEN - Xplore. Intuitive product presentation.

Facilitate the professional presentation of your realtime scene, whether for product reviews or marketing and sales use cases. The multi-touch navigation tool makes interacting with a scene as easy as browsing a web page with full variant control and a wide array of features. XPLORE Deltagen ensures a perfect flow to your presentations and seamless interaction with your audience. Direct control of the scene displayed considerably facilitates validation processes and speeds up decision-making.