The need for diverse and engaging digital marketing content has increased dramatically in recent years. Mobile technology, the proliferation of social media and VR/AR have all contributed to the number of diverse touch points that require captivating digital content. We created the 3DEXCITE DELTAGEN MARKETING SUITE to answer this very need. Consisting of the software 3DEXCITE DELTAGEN HUB, 3DEXCITE DELTAGEN ROBOT and 3DEXCITE DELTAGEN STAGE, it is a powerful multi-channel media pipeline that facilitates the preparation and enrichment of your CAD data for efficient integration into marketing experiences that provide consumers with the content and personalization they crave. Our suite was designed to simplify your digital workflow, and provide a more seamless software experience that is capable of facilitating your highest quality marketing collateral across all touch points.

DELTAGEN STAGE: Make it shine

While DELTAGEN ROBOT and HUB convert, prepare and preserve model data, DELTAGEN STAGE provides the final steps to truly make it shine. The Marketing Master Model that was created and refined in DELTAGEN HUB is now ready to be brought to life in DELTAGEN STAGE for high-quality 2D/2.5D imagery, movies, 360° stereo panoramas and variants. All this output potential means the DELTAGEN Marketing Suite provides a complete visualization pipeline to serve the diverse digital and analog channels that a modern marketing campaign demands. Experiences change, but your pipeline shouldn’t.

DELTAGEN HUB: Achieve Product Perfection

DELTAGEN HUB allows you to seamlessly enrich your CAD data with high-quality materials, textures and product animations. It can then be optimized and sent through built-in software gateways to other visualization tools for complete staging, scene animation and final rendering of high-end materials, such as still images, movies, AR/VR experiences and more. It is, simply, the software that brings your model into full visualization maturity. In today’s Age of Experience, customers demand a high level of interaction and personalization with products before they are ready to make a purchase decision. DELTAGEN HUB allows each model to be prepared with full configurability of every aspect, giving brands the flexibility they need to truly make a personal impact on their customers.

DELTAGEN ROBOT: Convert And Prepare

DELTAGEN ROBOT can import and convert your CAD or 3D data from a wide range of software file types without losing its vital metadata or model information. DELTAGEN ROBOT not only imports and preserves your data structure, but also includes features that automate tasks, such as unwrapping and tessellation, to make it the fastest and most efficient version of DELTAGEN we have ever released. DELTAGEN ROBOT comes packaged with DELTAGEN HUB, to provide a seamless, smart workflow for all your digital marketing needs.

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