3DEXCITE - DELTAGEN 2017 - Desert Evironment - Side Front
3DEXCITE - DELTAGEN 2017 - Desert Evironment - Side Rear

Go stunning.
High-fidelity visualization with STELLAR

Dramatically shorten the path from CAD data to high-end visualization results with next-generation STELLAR render engine.

3DEXCITE - DELTAGEN 2017 - Cockpit

Go fast.
Powerful real-time optimization

Enjoy greatly reduced animation execution time with less animation preparation work, resulting in easier scene handling.

3DEXCITE - DELTAGEN 2017 - Desert Evironment - Top

Go smart.
Best-in-class data handling & automation

To boost efficiency, benefit from expanded CAD data interoperability, 3D scene data transparency and reusable product behavior components.

Professional high-end 3D visualization.

3DEXCITE DELTAGEN is the world’s leading high-performance software that delivers a highly-realistic display of 3D visualizations with real-time interaction. Data from all professional CAD systems is instantly brought to life in real-time and in outstanding visual quality, supporting the full value chain from design and engineering to marketing and sales. Even the most demanding of visualization experts will find all the features they need with a comprehensive array of capabilities to support a wide range of industrial sectors.

Benefit from the latest high-fidelity visualization technology based on the next-generation render engine 3DEXCITE STELLAR, which intuitively navigates you towards achieving the most stunning visual results. Using STELLAR minimizes lead time and effort required to produce high-end visualizations - resulting in an easier, faster, more intuitive design flow. Impress stakeholders with thrilling presentations for a holistic product experience that reduces the need for physical prototypes and accelerates the decision-making process.

Key features:

  • High-fidelity visualization with STELLAR
  • Powerful real-time optimization
  • Best-in-class data handling and automation

Watch our free DELTAGEN 2017 webinar:

3DEXCITE - DELTAGEN 2017 - Engine Compartment

Experience all the latest features and discover what DELTAGEN 2017 can do for your high-end 3D visualization!

Ideal for:  Designers, Engineers, Marketers
 and CGI Artists
Presenters:  Jan Ohlenburg, Markus Lang
Duration:  30 minutes
Language:  English

What´s new in DELTAGEN 2017:

3DEXCITE - DELTAGEN 2017 - Desert Evironment - Front


Experience the enhanced STELLAR render engine with a high quality instant real-time shadow for the Rasterizer mode. Instant means the final shadow quality of a complete model is available in a couple of seconds. This advanced new shadow technology is designed for scenarios where you need good visual quality in an interactive, complex real-time scene with minimal preparation time. The new shadow solution in the STELLAR render engine is also designed for supporting multisegment displays (like Powerwall).


Live update makes data preparation using imported files much more convenient, as it accelerates the process of updating the visualization assets generated with DELTAGEN. This significantly reduces the time required for generating updated visualization assets and extends the application area of DELTAGEN to use cases requiring frequent updates. Monitor the status of files on a disk and take action when they have changed. Upon updating a part, Autopaint can be used to apply the material assignments previously done on the part that was updated.

3DEXCITE - DELTAGEN 2017 - Interior
3DEXCITE - DELTAGEN 2017 - Advanced Jacketing


Jacketing detects invisible NURBS faces within a part or an assembly of parts. The faces found are deleted or set to the B-Side, which means that they are kept in the background but are not used for further data preparation. Automatic Jacketing provides suitable meshes for unwrapping and minimizes the number of faces which contribute to the visualization. The major uses for jacketing are autojacketing, done directly after the import of CAD data on a part level, and jacketing of assemblies, in which several parts are assembled to a group.


Extended CAD data conversion. DELTAGEN Converter

3DEXCITE - DELTAGEN - Converter. Extended CAD data conversion.

Regardless of whether you work together with draughtsmen, product designers or 3D artists: You can open their files simply and directly in DELTAGEN. A multitude of converters ensures that our applications cooperate seamlessly with all established CAD systems.

Alongside useful functions, such as the automatic correction of surface normals, there are tools available that allow simple structuring of your files.

Rapid rendering & scalability. DELTAGEN Scale

3DEXCITE - DELTAGEN - Scale. Rapid rendering & scalability.

No need to compromise any longer: Now you can render complex scenes at high speed with high-end quality. Scale allows your computer to control computing units in other workstations via a network and thus divide rendering jobs into packages and allocate them to all the available units. This allows optimal resources to be provided for each task and large data volumes can be processed without having to make compromises in terms of quality.

The standard scaling module for DELTAGEN supports up to two GPUs and two CPUs and this capability can be extended to as many as required in order to have a free choice of presentation medium – from individual monitors up to powerwalls. Scale provides breathtaking results, great efficiency and outstanding use of your hardware resources.

Automated layer rendering. DELTAGEN Layercreator

3DEXCITE - DELTAGEN - Layercreator. Automated layer rendering.

Layercreator automates the rendering of your high-end 3-D visualizations and increases the speed, flexibility and efficiency of your work. You can organize models, environments and effects clearly and simply with image layers. You can edit them individually, create custom combinations and display or hide them.

A push of the button is all it takes for you to output layers of flash films for postproduction as well as for image and film creation in websites or configuration systems. Layercreator enables you to automate and structure your work with flexibility. With a greater range of variants, increased productivity and top-quality images, the proof is in the results.

Virtual measurements & sections. DELTAGEN Analyzer

3DEXCITE - DELTAGEN - Analyzer.Virtual measurements & sections.

Make use of the fascinating possibilities provided by Analyzer in order to carry out and produce quick, intuitive and exact geometry analysis, survey measurements and sections. You can determine and visualize all the important information required for the clear and comprehensible presentation of your designs.

This optional measurement module for DELTAGEN can be used to ascertain distances between points or the geometry of objects, as well as to create sections through all desired layers and compare models. Do away with time consuming measurement protocols – Analyzer provides a comprehensive and secure view of all the required information.

Immersive & stereo presentation. DELTAGEN Immersive

3DEXCITE - DELTAGEN - Immersive. Immersive & stereo presentation.

Dive deep into the virtual world and experience 3D realtime models created by DELTAGEN in three dimensional space. Explore, test and present your designs interactively from every angle. Put yourself at the heart of the action and make use of a VR helmet or utilize a PC cluster and Scale to provide angularly configured powerwalls and projection environments (CAVEs).

The integrated tracking function transmits your movement to the camera controls, which allows you to navigate through your model and interact with objects. Immersive also allows a dynamic collision detection of animated or tracked objects. In the process, it is possible to access other modules and, for example, start animations, turn variants on or off and create sections. In this way you can make virtual reality part of your everyday work.

Intuitive product presentation. XPLORE DELTAGEN

3DEXCITE - DELTAGEN - Xplore. Intuitive product presentation.

Facilitate the professional presentation of your realtime scene, whether for product reviews or marketing and sales use cases. The multi-touch navigation tool makes interacting with a scene as easy as browsing a web page with full variant control and a wide array of features. XPLORE DELTAGEN ensures a perfect flow to your presentations and seamless interaction with your audience. Direct control of the scene displayed considerably facilitates validation processes and speeds up decision-making.