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World-class support from day one

Take advantage of the endless possibilities of high-end visualization to produce highest quality images with that wow factor. From single images to full brochures. Our intelligent data handling enables the fast and flexible adaptation of materials for your international campaigns or for personalized brochures – in full CG or mixed with real environments. Benefit from our creative support in all steps, from CAD processing all the way to final touching up. Plus on-location support for photographers ensures best-practice advice for later integration in CG productions. All this before the actual product has even been built, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

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Above the line and below the line

3DEXCITE CGI is your choice for billboard images and high-end brochure productions in superior quality. Profit from 3DEXCITE assistance with support at the shoot all the way to an FOGRA-licensed proof. Benefit from close cooperation with creative agencies that results in efficient workflows regardless of image run. Create images ready for individual configuration in a global production.

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Today, your CAD data are just that – data. By tomorrow, they can be the talk of the nation – or the world. Create Xpress images for quick processing and a natural look. Our efficient production workflow ensures your images will be ready in time for your press release – and they will be affordable, too.

3DEXCITE - CGI Stills - Technical Images


Look at what people usually do not get to see: section drawings, technical visualizations. Explore our expertise and technical background. Be impressed with not only our focus on functionality and on making things work, but also with our passion for making them look first class and realistic at the same time.

3DEXCITE - CGI Stills - Concept Viz

Concept Viz

We will visualize your ideas, assist you with their conception and walk you through pre-visualizations. Create images of concept cars, hold car clinics, enlist external assistance in designing new models from the first sketch ’n’ scratch - Let us bring your designs alive and turn them into reality.

3DEXCITE - CGI Stills - Design Images


Benefit from the all-in-one package. Our creative consulting and full CGI expertise lets you explore creation in freedom without limits, using the complete range of available technology. Get unique- looking results and a different perspective on things.