Getting really personal – up-to-the-minute product configuration

Before they even consider buying, today’s consumers expect immediate visualization of a product down to the last detail. 3DEXCITE CGI helps you set up interactive configurators. They will let your customers take up-to-the-minute tours of all available product options. This results in a detailed, true-life and emotional product and brand experience that wins over customes immediately. Another benefit is a much shorter sales cycle. Personalization is the hotspot of the digital product experience, and it is we who generate the heat. With its roots in interaction and real-life 3D experience, 3DEXCITE is the long-established pioneer of product and brand personalization technology.

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Creative concept

The key to a personalized product and brand experience is extreme flexibility based on a carefully prepared concept. 3DEXCITE CGI will help you generate ideas and define overarching themes such as a configurator’s look and feel, its mood, its style.


Define the user experience for your personalization strategy. Create user interfaces and assess their ease of operation. Let your customers access the entire complexity of your product offering – easily. Use our state-of-the-art user input technology for the interactivity your customers demand.

Realtime 3D experience

Configurators set up with 3DEXCITE CGI achieve supreme visual quality so your customers can experience all of the emotionality in your design. Realtime 3D visualization creates an immersive experience. Our cutting-edge technology ensures visual experience stays true under any angle, any lighting.


Have customers use their mobile devices to navigate your configurator, with the device’s display acting as the interface and the controller. Or go one step further and create an application to run on mobile devices for “offline” personalization.