How high-end 3D visualization accelerates your business

Development and production lead times in the Lifestyle industry are getting shorter and shorter. Companies are under huge pressure to deliver an ever-increasing number of collections per year, across a large number of different distribution channels. This development has mainly been pushed by vertically organized brands accelerating turnaround times. The rising importance of ecommerce and the trend toward individualization adds even more complexity and emphasizes the need for more sophisticated processes and tools.

High-end 3D visualization is key to ensuring sustainable competitiveness within the industry. The design-to-shelf time is significantly reduced and 3D data is used from early in the design and development stages and further through the creation of marketing and sales tools for different distribution channels – be it wholesale, retail, mobile or ecommerce.

High-end 3D visualization technology has already made it into the very core of industry processes – from specialized tool to enterprise wide application.


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Realtime simulation and visualization of designs and garments

Due to shorter development cycles, brands need to be designing their collections as close as possible to the actual sales season. Integrating consumer feedback quickly and efficiently into the design process becomes an invaluable element to develop products along market demands. The highly realistic simulation and visualization tools available provide brands with that extra competitive edge. Essentially, communication during the design process is vastly improved and value chain efficiencies benefit greatly.


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Virtual Prototyping for quicker decision-making

By using highly realistic product visualizations, virtual prototypes form the basis for quicker decision-making. The overall number of physical prototypes and sample collections is massively reduced, significantly cutting lead times and related costs. As such, virtual prototyping becomes an integral part of production processes.


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Efficient 3D data re-use to create marketing materials early in the process

Available 3D data from the design & development stages is ready-to-use for a wide range of marketing tools – from print images, product movies and TV commercials right through to interactive mobile applications – fully automated and without the need for physical prototypes. This significantly reduces cost and time to market. Global access and re-use of 3D data in local markets facilitates product launches and marketing campaigns.


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Digital collection selling for a new channel experience

From digital sales books and catalogues, to ecommerce shops or interactive retail concepts – using 3D data accelerates the sales pipeline and enables efficient multi-channel use of assets across the organization. Wrapped up in innovative presentations and sales tools, high-end 3D visualization technology also offers elevated brand experiences through exciting digital applications.