How high-end 3D visualization speeds up the automotive value chain

Ever increasing consumer expectations in product design, safety, functionality and interconnectivity set constant challenges to car manufacturers worldwide.

The industry faces pressure to provide solutions that satisfy these expectations with an accelerated pipeline of new models and variants that resonate with the brand demographic. Dealerships are evolving and moving to urban shopping areas with limited floor space, forcing them to do the same- or more with less showroom space. Configurators allow dealerships to inexpensively innovate the customer experience with comprehensive tools and solutions and provide visitors a customized product encounter.

Employing high-end 3D visualization early in the design and engineering phases leveraging lifelike digital models through marketing and sales has streamlined product development and launch processes from concept to consumer. These techniques are proven by the leaders in this sector – from specialized tool to enterprise wide application.


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3DEXCITE - Transportation & Mobility - Visual Design Evaluation

Accelerated design processes

Very early on, models are rendered and placed in different environments to evoke a mood, response or emotion from a specific target group. Invaluable feedback from customer clinics is available to designers and developers almost instantly. This approach insures the content is correctly represented from the start - according to what consumers want.



Virtual validation of performance indicators of increasingly complex vehicles

Complex vehicles require innovative tools that aid in quick evaluation and subsequent decision-making. Advanced visualization offers a key solution to analyze and interact with a developing product. Dependency on physical prototypes is diminishing as a result; related monetary and time costs are also being reduced across the board. The pipeline is benefitting greatly from a seamless integration with PLM systems that streamline processes and data use even further.


3DEXCITE - Reference - Toyota Print Brochure

Consistent utilization of data for global market introductions

Digital content generated during the design and development stages is repurposed for an unlimited number of marketing objectives including: print imagery, product movies, commercials, websites and interactive mobile and POS applications. This approach significantly reduces overhead costs associated with traditional methods. The global access and re-use of 3D data in local markets supports product launches and marketing campaigns from one, reusable, customizable source.


3DEXCITE - Sales Solutions - Intuitive Product Promotion

New trends for increasing retail sales

A growing number of models and customizable options vs. a shrinking retail space have given rise to an interesting market space. Digital shop concepts based on cutting edge 3D data leveraged through innovative solutions promotes new product experiences and excites customers at the same time.