Internal Speakers

THE SWAG FACTOR. Stand out from the crowd
tackling the challenges of modern Marketing
FLAVOR3D | L. Langhammer, A. Schmidt

Consumer awareness through paid media penetration’ still seems to be rule number one of advertisers and marketers. But floods of pushy pictures and shallow messages take a toll. The end-result is a consumer armed with a highly selective and demanding attention span. FLAVOR3D knows the rules and how to break the rules. Find out about the SWAG FACTOR and how to meet the challenges of modern Marketing on a high-end and highly creative level.

3DEXCITE - 3DEXCITE Live! 2015 - THE SWAG FACTOR. Stand out from the crowd tackling the challenges of modern Marketing
3DEXCITE - 3DEXCITE Live! 2015 - Marketing in the Age of Experience

Solutions and services for
"Marketing in the Age of Experience"
3DEXCITE | T. Sturm

Consumers identify with products as ambassadors of the brands they represent, emotions they convey, and the rewarding experiences they deliver. Timmo Sturm explains how ‘Marketing in the Age of Experience’ connects these moments of truth and, alongside 3DEXCITE solutions, creates effective and efficient product visualizations that influence customers to buy and remain brand loyal. 

E³ - Enable, Experience, Engage.
Powerful visualization solutions for Marketing and Sales
3DEXCITE | J. Hegewald

Consumers want to engage with their favorite brands anytime, anywhere. They seek experiential encounters with those brands at events, at the POS, online and on mobile devices - seamless and without boundaries. Find out how to create, reuse and control high-end content for all media channels in this compelling session. 

3DEXCITE - 3DEXCITE Live! 2015 - E³ - solutions for marketing and sales
3DEXCITE - 3DEXCITE Live! 2015 - Product and solution roadmap 2015 and beyond

product and solution roadmap 2015 and beyond
3DEXCITE | Dr. T. Ullmann

Gain cutting-edge insight to the evolving 3DEXCITE product and solution roadmap in this compelling session. Thomas Ullmann will present a curated overview of visualization software, engaging experiences, and the connectivity between the offerings across the entire product life cycle.


Next generation rendering technology.
3DEXCITE | P. Röhner, J. Meseth, M. Lang

Don’t miss the launch session of 3DEXCITE STELLAR - the next generation rendering technology featured in the latest version of DELTAGEN 13. This talk will outline the key advantages and how to best leverage them with immaculate visualization results, at maximum speed, through a simplified workflow – in DELTAGEN and other 3DS applications. 

3DEXCITE - 3DEXCITE Live! 2015 - Stellar
3DEXCITE - 3DEXCITE Live! 2015 - 3DEXPERIENCE platform Today and tomorrow

Today and tomorrow
3DEXCITE | B.Becker

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is a BUSINESS EXPERIENCE platform. These featured software solutions wholly support value creation by enabling innovative consumer experiences. Learn more about this unique platform and how 3DEXCITE will take it to the next level by providing high-end, product visualization as an integral experience.