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University Cooperations

Our goal with these co-operations is to establish long-lasting relationships with international schools and universities. 3DEXCITE values the importance of investing in future staff, innovation and technology, and so, we intend to enter into long-term relationships with universities in all fields of CG Design & Development. We can provide universities with state-of-the-art 3D visualisation software, skills and training. In fostering and maintaining these partnerships, a secondary but equally important goal is evident – the advancement of professional skills, a transfer of knowledge and joint development.

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Human Resources
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3DEXCITE - University Program - Qantm

Qantm institute on an excursion in Munich

On 02.03.2012, 12 students specialising in game design and game development, accompanied by their tutor Patrick Koziol from Qantm Institute Munich, visited the 3DEXCITE offices.
The students gained an insight into the DataPrep and Realtime Visualisation departments. They not only discovered the stages required to create a finished 3D model using CAD data, but also met SEA students Benjamin and Mike, both currently working as trainees at 3DEXCITE in the Realtime department, who told  the visitors about their current project focussing on Unity. Finally, 3DEXCITE gave the students the opportunity to dive into a virtual reality environment in the company’s own cave.

3DEXCITE - University Program - MUTE Project

Electric vehicle "MUTE"

The electromobility project “MUTE” was conducted at Munich Technical University (TUM) and visualized in cooperation with 3DEXCITE. Through the project, an electric vehicle was developed in concept, built up as a test carrier, and thoroughly explored. “MUTE” combines scientific innovation from 20 TUM Chairs in a singular vehicle and its connection to the mobility infrastructure. From lightweight parts and optimized aerodynamics to multifaceted energy efficiency, the electric car was developed for maximum efficiency. It can be realized in a high-quality, inexpensive process using sophisticated, cost-efficient components. The concept car was presented to the public at the IAA 2011 in Frankfurt, Germany, attracting widespread acclaim. 3DEXCITE contributed to the project by providing comprehensive advice and support.

3DEXCITE - Preview Imagefilm

Prof. Joerg Maxzin, faculty of electronic technology und media technology, Deggendorf Institute of Technology, 3D laboratory

"The practical course (PLV) 3D Realtime Visualisation has been taking place for several years in collaboration with 3DEXCITE Munich. Over the course of a week, the students learn about a photographer’s workflow, from their own HDRIs to stitching and completing fully spherical HDRI environments. Employees at 3DEXCITE provide very good practical support for the use of the 3D realtime visualisation software DELTAGEN. The PLV course is therefore an excellent “out of the box” opportunity for our students in addition to the normal teaching timetable. A visit to 3DEXCITE headquarters in Munich with a presentation of the works, followed by a guided tour through the company, completes the course."

3DEXCITE - University Program - Sidewinder Project

Jason Falenski, former student of the Lawrence Tech University, USA

"When I developed my senior project, an amphibious vehicle I call the Sidewinder, I used DELTAGEN software to create realistic images, check the quality of my surfaces and develop a video to explain how the concept works. The Sidewinder is based on the 1929 Fordson Snow machine (also known as the snow devil). This was a tractor with large screw like pontoons that allowed the snow machine to traverse loose ground such as snow, sand or mud. I developed the Sidewinder as a racing vehicle that could travel over sand, snow, and even in the water. The DELTAGEN software was instrumental in my creation of a short video that allowed me to illustrate the concept working over these various terrains and really bring the idea to life for those who were unfamiliar with the original snow machine."